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Nissan launches new luxury Cima in Japan with one-motor two-clutch hybrid system

Nissan Cima. Click to enlarge.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has launched the fifth-generation of its luxury sedan the Nissan Cima, equipped with Nissan’s one-motor two-clutch parallel hybrid system. (Earlier post.) The Cima also features, among its other technologies, the first application of sound-absorbing tires on a Nissan vehicle. The Cima goes on sale 21 May at Nissan dealers nationwide in Japan.

The new Cima achieves both a 20% improvement in fuel economy (JC08 mode) over 2015 standards and SU-LEV certification, emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than 2005 standards. This also qualifies the vehicle for preferential tax breaks under the Japanese “tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles” as next generation automobiles, thereby fully exempting it from the automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax.

The Cima powertrain combines a hybrid VQ35HR engine with maximum power of 225kW (302 hp) @ 6800rpm and maximum torque of 350 N·m (258 lb-ft) @ 5000rpm) with an advanced HM34 electric motor with maximum power output of 50kW (67 hp) and maximum torque of 270 N·m (199 lb-ft) and high-output lithium-ion battery with a quick charge/discharge function.

The Cima uses an electronic 7-speed hybrid transmission with manual shift mode, electric-driven braking with an electric-type booster, and an electro-hydraulic power steering system, which drives the pump by electric motor to generate hydraulic pressure.

The instrument display shows operating conditions of the hybrid system (Energy Monitor), remaining capacity in the battery, Accelerator Guide, ECO-drive Indicator and a liquid-crystal odometer/twin trip meter (with an EV mode travel distance display function). An ECO-pedal assists drivers in fuel-efficient driving with a pedal push-back control mechanism and the color and flash of ECO Drive Indicator in the display.

Nissan’s sales target is 1,000 units/year. The price ranges from ¥7,350,000 to ¥8,400,000 (US$90,000 to US$103,000).



1,000 units/year?

Does Nissan claim they make money on this?

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