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Fairchild Semiconductor and Infineon Technologies reach license agreement for automotive MOSFET H-PSOF TO-Leadless packaging technology

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp. and Infineon Technologies AG announced a licensing agreement on Infineon’s advanced automotive MOSFET packaging technology H-PSOF (Heatsink Plastic Small Outline Flat Lead), a JEDEC standard TO-Leadless (TO-LL) package (MO-299). The package is designed for use in high-current automotive applications, including battery management for hybrid vehicles, Electric Power Steering (EPS), active alternators and other heavy load electrical systems.

The TO-Leadless package is the first package enabling current capabilities of 300A. It also offers significant benefits in terms of board space compared to the current D2PAK package, with a more than 20% smaller as well as 50% lower package height.

Automotive electronics companies developing new start-stop systems, electric power steering, battery management and active alternators to address higher efficiency and lower emission mandates seek innovative solutions, but must also minimize the risk that comes with products available only from one supplier.

To ensure a reliable supply, Fairchild and Infineon entered into this agreement in order to bring the leading-edge TO-Leadless MOSFET solution to the automotive market while also minimizing the risk associated with single-supplier sourcing.

Fairchild will deploy the TO-Leadless power package technology with its latest MOSFET technologies and expects to sample the first MOSFETs in TO-Leadless packages in second half of 2012, with production devices available in mid-2013.


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