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Galten Biodiesel to supply jatropha oil to Neste Oil

Globes. Israel-based Galten Biodiesel has signed a NIS 225-million (US$60-million) contract to supply 60,000 of Jatropha oil to Finland-based Neste Oil, the producer of NExBTL renewable fuels, beginning in 2014.

Galten operates its first Jatropha plantation in Ghana.

Galten chairman Doron Levy said, “60% of vehicles in Europe are fuelled by diesel and European regulations require 20% of diesel vehicles to be fuelled by biological fuels by 2020. Forecasts see this year's European biodiesel market worth $40 billion. Signing a letter of intent with a giant Finnish company is a substantial stage in Galten establishing itself as a major supplier of vegetable oil to Europe’s biodiesel industry.”

Galten’s shares rose 1.1% on the TASE on the news.



From Cotton field to Jatropha fields? Will salaries be as low or lower?

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