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Magna E-Car Systems debuts new manufacturing facility for hybrid and EV components

Magna E-Car Systems, a partnership between Magna International and the Stronach Group, held the grand opening of its latest facility, a plant in Grand Blanc Township, Michigan, that manufactures components for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The 66,000-square-foot facility will house approximately 95 employees making electric motors, inverters and electronic powertrain controllers for the Ford Focus Electric, as well as inverters for the Fisker Karma and assorted components for other global customers.

Including Grand Blanc Township, Magna E-Car Systems now has four facilities in North America and two in Europe working on several programs for global automakers. The company has approximately 700 employees globally.

Magna E-Car Systems was recently named a Michigan Green Leader by the Detroit Free Press in the Automotive Innovation category, for its work in promoting the development, manufacture and integration of new hybrid and electric vehicles.



As a side note, I read that the two Fisker Karma motors are 150 kW and made in China. It looks like they attach to each side of a differential, but I could not be sure from the picture.

Aaron Turpen

SJC - the Karma has 120kW motors (it's right there in the spec sheet) and its rear end is configured similarly to the Tesla Roadster and was part of the now-defunct lawsuit between the two companies.


The two electric motors put out 150 kW each, for a total of 403 hp


The Tesla roadster and S Model use one motor.


At the bottom of this article you can see the two motors mounted on each side of the differential. This is not like the Tesla.

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