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Liftback accounts for 63% of March Prius sales; Prius v and c account for about 17% each

Prius sales March 2011 v. March 2012. Data: TMS. Click to enlarge.

In March 2012, Toyota posted a new one-month record for Prius sales of 28,711 units, up 54.3% by volume from last March. Of those, the third-generation Prius liftback accounted for 18,008 units (62.7%); the Prius v accounted for 4,937 units (17.2%); the Prius c, 4,875 units (17.0%); and the Prius PHV (plug-in hybrid), 891 units (3.1%).

Looked at another way, the 18,008 units of liftback sales in March 2012 were roughly equivalent to liftback sales in March 2011 (18,605); at that time, the liftback was the only Prius model on sale. Commenting on the March 2012 results, Jeff Bracken, vice president of sales for the Toyota Division, Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) USA, said:

Prius sales were boosted further by two new models added during the month, the Prius c and Prius Plug-in, joining the Prius v and Liftback models. For the most part, these models are bringing new buyers into the Prius family.

For example, Prius v posted its biggest month since it went on sale last November of 4,937. It continues to attract buyers who say they couldn’t previously consider a hybrid because they needed more flexibility and versatility.

And Prius c, with a sticker price under $19,000 and a fuel economy rating topping 50 miles per gallon, is opening up hybrid technology to a whole new segment of buyers.

Overall, TMS posted March sales of 38,215 hybrid vehicles, an increase of 49.0% compared to the same period last year. Toyota Division posted sales of 34,722 hybrids for the month, up 60.7% over the year-ago month. Lexus Division reported monthly sales of 3,493 hybrids.

Prius family sales thus accounted for 75% of all TMS hybrid sales, and 83% of all Toyota Division hybrid sales.


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Combine these numbers with the nearly 70,000 Prius and Aqua/Prius c sales in Japan in February 2012 and you see that Toyota’s Prius lineup is now selling about 100,000 units per month globally. This is really something.

It is the breakthrough number for any automaker to make over a million units per year and Toyota is now nearly certain to achieve that. Whatever, batteries, electric motors and power electronics that are developed for these hybrids Toyota now knows their development cost can be split on a large number of units and Toyota can apply a very high degree of automation in its production.

Also note that nearly 1000 units of the Prius plug-in where sold. This is also a very high number considering that it is only the US market and it is the first month of sales.

70000 sales in Japan in February.

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Another interesting observation is that in Japan hybrid cars accounted for 50% of Toyotas sales in February (see link above) whereas it is 19% of Toyota’s sales in USA.

Toyotas US sales in March 2012: 203k units


This is excellent news for Toyota, HEVs and PHEVs progression.
Toyota continues to capture most of the electrified vehicles world market.

It will be very interesting to see how their new Toyota PHEVs do in the next few months. It may do much better than the Volt by year end.

The next generation Prius (Prius IV?) may be out in 2013/2014 with improved lithium battery pack etc etc.


Toyota could buy the new SIM-WIL 5-passenger, 218 miles range, 99.6 Wh/Km, BEV and rename it the Prius SIM BEV. This way, Toyota could have one of the most progressive BEV on the market a few years sooner and compete with Nissan and Mitsubishi BEVs.


The C and plug-in were only available part of the month and only in some states.

Dis' and crush urban trolley's/rail/EV's, sellout NiMH, fine Toyota $37 million, tear down the EV-95 battery assembly lines, drag their CEO before US Gov (motors), etc, etc.

Toyota/Prius is just warming up and will again finish off what the free market judged, but crooked politics overrode.

Rangachari Anand

We bought a Prius v last year as a replacement for a minivan and are very happy with the car. The amount of room is quite amazing considering the compact dimensions of the vehicle.


Anybody with experience driving the 2012 Camry Hybrid? Would like your comments before buying one. Would it be wiser to wait for the 2013 model?


Lots of user reviews for the 2012 online and lots of pro reviews of the 2013 as well. I would compare the 2012/2013 pro reviews from similar magazines.

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