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UQM introduces PowerPhase HD 220 electric propulsion system for heavy-duty trucks and buses

UQM Technologies, Inc. is introducing its most powerful electric propulsion system yet: the PowerPhase HD 220 electric propulsion system. The production-ready HD 220 will make its debut at the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) conference in Los Angeles, 6-9 May 2012. The system is targeted for the heavy-duty truck and bus markets.

Delivering a maximum output of 220kW, and 120kW on a continuous basis, the HD 220 is production-ready and would be built in the UQM volume-production manufacturing facility in Colorado.

The PowerPhase HD 220 joins PowerPhase Pro 100 and 135 production-validated, automotive-qualified electric propulsion systems for battery electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

UQM PowerPhase electric propulsion systems have been selected to power the CODA all electric passenger car, Proterra’s all-electric composite transit buses, as well as Electric Vehicles International’s all-electric medium-duty truck and walk-in van, including a fleet of 100 UPS delivery vans. UQM also was selected to power the Audi A1 e-tron and Rolls-Royce 102EX Electric Phantom pre-production test fleet vehicles.



Is this one of those ARRA funded companies? Where are the haters? Oh wait, this one, like most of them, is a good company that does good work, but hey, no one cares about that.


Another positive side of vehicle electrification is that it can be easily scaled up to 100,000+ hp.

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