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New Alliance for Wireless Power formed

Wireless technology leaders Samsung and Qualcomm Incorporated have joined Ever Win Industries, Gill Industries, Peiker Acustic, Powermat Technologies, and SK Telecom to form the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). The independently operated organization’s mission is to promote global standardization of a wireless power transfer technology that offers spatial freedom; to develop product testing, certification and regulatory compliance processes; and to foster industry dialogue with regulators on wireless power policy development.

The A4WP will focus on a new wireless power transfer technology that provides spatial freedom for charging of electrical devices in cars, on tabletops and for multiple devices simultaneously.

The alliance is targeting a broad base of consumer electronic devices to establish a worldwide wireless power technology ecosystem.

Benefits of this wireless power approach include: a transmitter and receiver antenna design that is easily implemented, a simple wireless power control system, and the ability to transfer power through non-metallic surfaces. The A4WP expects to achieve this capability without the need for costly multi-coil repeaters, which are required for other systems. A single specification is envisioned that will address simultaneous charging of multiple devices ranging from very low power products, such as Bluetooth headsets, to today’s most sophisticated tablets.

The A4WP is open to new members and welcomes participation from vendors in all segments of the potential ecosystem, including: handheld devices, consumer electronics, semiconductor products, automotive, furniture, test equipment, cellular operators, and retail.

Alliance members will be available to discuss membership opportunities at the launch event on 8 May during CTIA Wireless 2012 in New Orleans, LA.

According to the analyst firm IMS Research, shipments of wireless power enabled devices are projected to surpass 100 million by 2015.



Wireless charging has a great future for cell phones, wireless phones, tablets, EVs (fixed and on the move) etc. The 800+ million new tablets and 4 + billion new cell phones and 5+ million electrified vehicles by 2016/17 represent a huge market.


Like we don't have enough EMF flying around.

Henry Gibson

Cell phones have probably killed more people than explosions of nuclear power plants, and we do not know what kind of changes happen to cells that absorb wireless radiations of all kinds. The fact that microwaves can produce sparks of high voltages between each sausage of a ring of them separated by a short distance, means that we know not well the actions of microwave photons. We do know that cells can repair damage or other cells can replace damage ones in most organisms.

Now what is needed is a demonstration that light photons can produce high voltage sparks with a simple array of conductors so that fewer semiconductors are needed.

At least one organism can get energy to grow from gamma rays from radioactive materials and fissions.

Perhaps people can have ADP translated to ATP in their cells in a room with wireless power so that they don't need to move from the room or eat much to continue to play games for hours. They may not need even to breathe. ..HG..


Henry, just because you don't understand why sparks might jump between adjacent sausages in a microwave oven doesn't mean it's not understood.  Analyzing the behavior of conductors in EM fields is a standard exercise for EE undergrads.


Very good E-P.
Technology, sufficiently beyond a someone’s intellect is indistinguishable from magic.

And cell phones do quite well w/o wireless chargers.

Wireless chargers for razors/toothbrushes are NOT new - they date from pre 1960.

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