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Enova delivers drive systems to First Auto Works (China); incremental order of components in Q2 and Q3

Enova Systems, Inc., a developer of proprietary hybrid electric and all-electric drive systems and drive system components for the emerging green commercial vehicle market, has completed shipment of 50 hybrid drive systems to First Auto Works (FAW) to date in 2012 which fulfills the order of 50 systems announced in January 2012.

The company also confirmed an incremental order for hybrid drive system components in excess of $200,000 for delivery in Q2 and Q3 2012.

Since 2008, Enova Systems and First Auto Works have deployed nearly 550 vehicles, all utilizing Enova’s pre-transmission hybrid drive system components. First Auto Works is one of China’s largest vehicle producers, manufacturing in excess of 1,000,000 vehicles annually.



Good potential business for Enova?

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