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Fuji Electric to integrate Coulomb ChargePoint Network into DC Quick Chargers

Fuji Electric Corporation of America is collaborating with Coulomb Technologies to integrate Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network into its DC Quick Charging Stations.

Fuji Electric’s 25kW chargers provide a full charge to current electric vehicles in approximately 60 minutes. The systems feature the CHAdeMO interface for compatibility with currently available electric vehicles.

The Fuji Electric charging stations are to be released in the US later this year, and will offer electric vehicle drivers and station owners alike the convenience of accessing all the advanced functionality of the ChargePoint Network. The ChargePoint Network-enabled Fuji station will be showcased at EVS26 in Los Angeles, 6 – 8 May.

ChargePoint-enabled Fuji Electric stations will be included on all ChargePoint mobile phone applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. These ChargePoint mobile apps provide an easy way to locate stations near any specified address and get turn-by-turn directions. Additionally, these applications allow drivers to utilize ChargePoint Network’s station reservation feature. Drivers can locate stations, and then make, view and cancel a reservation time slot directly from a smart phone. EV drivers can access features including the ability to: help with trip planning, manage the cost of charging, and find and operate public ChargePoint-enabled stations.



This will guarantee the survival of the Chademo fast charge port vs the vaporware combo SAE connector.


At least they didn't decide to start their own network. I think there are about 6 now, ChargePoint, Blink, 350Green, SemaCharge, GE, and one more that escapes me right now.


Future 100 KWh on-board batteries could be re-configured (on demand) into four (4) battery banks of 25 Kwh each for quicker DC charging.

Adapted quad output DC chargers, with appropriate multi-conductor cable and receptacle could recharge a 100 KWh equipped EV five to six times faster than with single conductor AC chargers.

Yordan Georgiev

I like the idea how agile the manufacturers of electric equipment are ... and how fast the small ( compared to the fossil fuel markets) markets are becoming more and more competitive ...

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