ACEA, CLEPA AND EURELECTRIC promote single standard for charging plug-in vehicles; EURELECTRIC not keen on fast charging
Opel opens up Astra OPC CAN bus data to iPhone app

NEMA creates new EVSE working groups to address key gaps in EV standards

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s (NEMA) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment/Systems Section created two new working groups to develop standards that focus on network roaming for a public charging station and communication of electric vehicle (EV) metering data.

The Section created the working groups to address several gaps in EV charging standards identified in the ANSI Electric Vehicle Standardization Roadmap.

To address gaps in network roaming, the Section organized a working group to develop a standard that permits EV drivers to universally locate and reserve a public charging spot; supports roaming that allows charging services from a provider other than the EV user’s home charger; and addresses offline access control at charging station.

To address gaps related to communication aspects of EV meters, a second working group will develop a standard that will communicate metering data from the end user to the vehicle.



It is about time that NEMA-ANSI move and take a stand to ensure safety and security of future electrified vehicles and to ensure an acceptable level of standardization.


I now have 4 separate charger RFID cards for each of the networks that are in the Seattle area. Yes, we need to stop this nonsense and coordinate all those into a single collaboration.

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