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Nichicon introduces smallest and lightest 10 kW quick charger for EVs

Nichicon Corporation has introduced what it believes is the smallest and lightest quick charger for Electric Vehicles (EVs). This 10-kW-capacity model is certified for the CHAdeMO system and expands the company’s lineup by adding an EV quick charger that simplifies installation and lowers the user’s total costs. Output voltage is DC 50 V to 500 V (rapid recharging, CHAdeMO).

The NQC-A102 10-kW quick charger. Click to enlarge.

By utilizing its technology for OBCs (on board chargers) for EVs and standardizing the main components, Nichicon has succeeded in developing an ultra-compact quick charger. The product was displayed at the 2012 Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. Annual Congress, from 23–25 May at Pacifico Yokohama.

Nichicon has been supplying OBCs (OBC with DC/DC converter) for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Nissan LEAF since the release of these two electric vehicles.

Utilizing its technology for OBCs for EVs, the company has developed and released ever-more-compact quick chargers in the 20-, 30-, and 50-kW output classes.

Nichicon said it was able to make this 10-kW ultra-compact quick charger the world’s smallest and lightest in its class by utilizing the company’s OBC technology and standardizing the main components.



10kW isn't that impressive, my 1999 Ford Ranger EV does 6.6kW and the Ford Fusion EV does too. J1772 can go up to 15kW as is.


AC Propulsion's reductive charger goes up to 18 kW, per the stuff I can find.  Plus it's built into the vehicle.

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