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OriginOil and Algasol Renewables to develop an integrated algae growth and harvesting system

OriginOil, Inc. and Algasol Renewables, a technology company with a technology for low-cost cultivation of microalgae for biofuels and high value products, intend to collaborate on the development of an integrated algae growth and harvesting system. By bundling their products, the two companies plan to achieve new levels of cost and performance in microalgae cultivation for biofuels and high value products.

Algasol’s floating bags or photobioreactors (PBRs) can operate in the ocean or in salt water ponds on land. Because they float, Algasol believes their PBRs achieve optimal light exposure with outstanding productivity results and avoid the high temperature and excess salinity often encountered in solar growth systems. Algasol has received a patent in 70 countries for its method of floating bags using relative water density.

Algasol recently entered into a partnership with NASA and the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy. In addition, Algasol has collaborated and maintains a close relationship with Arizona State University (ASU), and is a cornerstone of the recently inaugurated Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI).

OriginOil is working with the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory to implement a downstream fuel conversion process which it plans to offer as part of the Algasol-OriginOil bundle.

With customer demand for an integrated algae production process rising, we need to offer our customers a means of harvesting as well. We plan to recommend OriginOil’s field-proven, chemical-free, high flow and low-energy harvesting system, and once available, the integrated biocrude system they are developing with the Department of Energy.

—Miguel Verhein, executive director of Algasol Renewables


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