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Propane cabs for Pittsburgh

Yellow Cab of Pittsburgh, a division of the Pittsburgh Transportation Group (PTG), is introducing propane-powered taxi cabs to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will be on hand at the cab drivers annual barbecue Wednesday at the PTG garage on Preble Avenue in Manchester to see the first group of an anticipated 55 cabs to undergo the conversion.

It’s all part of the green initiative undertaken by our parent company—Veolia Transportation. Besides reducing pollution, the conversion will also provide a significant savings to our drivers who lease the cabs and must pay for their own fuel. With the current price of gasoline, we’re talking a savings of about $1.40 a gallon. That could be as much as $2,300 a year or more.

—Jamie Campolongo, president of PTG

PTG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Veolia Transportation, North America’s largest operator of multiple modes of transportation.



In 1974/75 we converted 4 of our vehicles to propane at a cost of about $1500 each. Everything went OK until the first very cold day. None of those vehicles would start. This problem could not be fixed and before the end of the first winter we had to have the mods removed.

Very cold weather problems have probably been fixed by now?

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