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Quantum awarded $4.8M purchase order for high capacity ultra-light weight natural gas storage tanks

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. received a $4.8 Million purchase order from Agility Fuel Systems, a natural gas fuel system integrator for heavy duty trucks, buses and specialty vehicles, for Quantum’s industry-leading high capacity ultra-light weight natural gas tanks.

This purchase order will be the cornerstone of a new agreement whereby Agility will be the exclusive distributor of Quantum’s line of large 25"-27" diameter CNG tanks for heavy duty truck applications in North America.

The new purchase order is for Quantum’s line of large-diameter carbon composite tanks developed specifically to mount on the frame rail in Class 6-8 heavy duty truck applications. Quantum and Agility have jointly developed and are patenting a novel mounting system to enhance the safety and durability of on-board fuel storage tanks under extended vibrations, accelerations and shock loads. The tanks with their new design features will be available from Agility in their integrated systems starting in August 2012.

Quantum’s composite tanks are the lightest in the industry, requiring less structure for mounting support, thereby increasing available payload. In addition, Quantum’s tanks maximize onboard storage capacity resulting in greater driving range.


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