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The Renault Foundation is launching a new training course for students with two years’ further education (Bac+2 or professional-experience diploma) in partnership with the IUT technology institute in Mantes (Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin): the first professional diploma (a French licence) in “Electric Vehicle and Electro-mobility”.

The objective is to finance a training program for students on work-study programs to enhance their employability and prepare them for mid-manager job positions in the following fields:

  • electric vehicle design, production and after-sales service;
  • onboard IT systems;
  • charging infrastructure.

This program enables us to bring our industrial vision to the academic world in strategic areas such as electric vehicles.

—Hélène Mairesse, deputy director of the Renault Foundation

Students are selected on the basis of social criteria “so as to better foster equal opportunities”. Applicants must hold a two-year degree in further education or a French level-three (Niveau III) approved diploma and be interested in science and industry.

Registration is open through 16 June 2012 on the IUT website; the first class of 20 students will start up in September.


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