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Ricardo announced that its collaboration with Chery Automobile Company Ltd of China was instrumental in the development of the CVT system launched in the new Chery E5 vehicle

Ricardo worked with Chery to develop the associated control strategies for the Chinese automaker’s first CVT product. The work was carried out through a collaborative engineering programme that involved engineers from both companies working together in both China and the UK. The scope of the program included the software development process definition, control strategy implementation, and validation. Ricardo worked in with Chery to enhance development process maturity, in particular in the area of testing, including tools and techniques.

Ricardo also provided support for hot and cold climate vehicle calibration development testing, which was led by Chery. The product calibration was specifically targeted at delivering the unique feel and quality of response that is demanded by customers within the Chinese domestic market, and thus distinguishes the product from other imported systems.

Ricardo and Chery worked together to develop a 50-vehicle fleet of hybrid vehicles that were used for transportation during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

We are extremely pleased to be able to reveal our role in supporting Chery with the development of its new CVT product. his highly successful engineering programme demonstrates very clearly the manner in which Ricardo is able to provide the very latest in automotive technology and product innovation to Chinese customers, while also providing the crucial technology transfer benefits that enable them to develop their own in-house skills and capabilities for the future.

—Ricardo Asia president Gary Tan


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