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SARTA switching 50% of bus fleet to CNG over next 2 year, holds grand opening for Northern Ohio’s first public CNG station

SARTA (Stark Area Regional Transit Authority), a public transit authority serving Stark County in Northeastern Ohio, is switching 50% of its current fleet of buses to CNG starting with the first 6 CNG fixed route buses in May 2012. SARTA estimates that the change will save it up to 40% a year on fueling costs while taking advantage of local fueling sources.

STARK recently held a Grand Opening of it new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling facility.

SARTA installed 2 new fueling dispensers at their Gateway Facility; one will be used for SARTA buses and the other is for the general public. This will be the first public fueling station in Ohio outside of the Columbus area.

The station will be open to the public 24/7 and can be utilized by private businesses, public partners as well as private individuals. The current cost for CNG fuel is $2.35 per gallon equivalent; a significant savings over diesel or traditional gasoline.



are there any taxes on the LNG fuel that is dispensed?


That will make a certain NG Vehicle supporter/promoter very happy. Repeated 10,000,000 + times could make a difference in crude oil imported into USA while reducing pollution.

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