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Schneider Electric introduces DC Quick Charger in US

Schneider Electric, a global energy management products company operating in more than 100 countries, announced the availability in the US of its EVlink DC Quick Charger. The offering now rounds off Schneider’s charging offerings, said Mike Calise, Director, Electric Vehicles, Power Business for Schneider at EVS 26.

The 50 kW, 125A quick charger, which is currently CHAdeMO-compliant, will incorporate the J1772 combo-coupler when the standard is finalized.

The EVlink range now runs from the full 30A Level 2 residential unit available at Home Depot for $799 through a range of Level 2 pedestal and wall units for fleet and public application to the DC Quick Charger.

Our number one goal is pervasive EV adoption. We are deploying the most cost-effective charging solutions to support that rapid and pervasive adoption.

—Mike Calise



Go to the Schneider web site, they have a promotion to win an iPad if you donwload a small pdf file with specs.


A 50 KW DC-DC charger is a good step toward future 100+ KW DC-DC chargers for extended range BEVs with 100+ KWh batteries.

A 10 KW home charger would be enough in most cases for overnight charging. That should not represent a major load problem if charging starts after 23h when house heating (10+ KW) and hot water heaters (4.5+ KW) are automatically turned off by programmed thermostats.


Is it available at home depot really? nothing mentioned on their portal which is

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