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Transphorm introduces 600V Gallium Nitride on Silicon products at PCIM 2012

At the Power Control and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) event in Europe, Transphorm Inc. introduced the first 600V gallium nitride on silicon Transistors, Diodes and Modules. In February, the company announced the qualification of its first 600V GaN diodes. (Earlier post.)

In 2011, the company announced its first GaN on Silicon products: power transistors, diodes and modules, based on its patented, high-performance EZ GaN technology.

The following Transphorm products are now available for sale as evaluation samples through the Transphorm website to approved customers:

  • TPS30xxPK series – 600 V, 2-4-6 A, GaN diode in the industry standard TO-220 package

  • TPH3006PS- 600V, 180 mohm GaN transistor in the industry standard TO-220 package

  • TPT3044M - 600V, 3-ph GaN Module and related inverter application board TDMD2000E0I

The opportunity for widespread energy efficiency gains is staggering and our GaN solutions offer unprecedented energy gains. In the motor segment alone, Transphorm’s innovations create the potential to save 2.5 percent of US electricity generation through enhanced electro-mechanical efficiency of the full drive and motor system—equivalent to the energy saving potential of replacing incandescent lighting with white LEDs.

—Umesh Mishra, CEO of Transphorm

Transphorm’s solutions cut energy waste by 50% today and simplify the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of electrical systems and devices, including motor drives, power supplies and inverters for solar panels and electric vehicles. To demonstrate the performance advantage of its patented GaN based technology, Transphorm is showcasing at the PCIM exhibition its EZ GaN based, dc-to-dc Boost Converter running at more than 99% efficiency and its Tru-Sine motor drive delivering 2-8% higher efficiency at 100 KHz vs. state of the art IGBT based motor drives at 15 kHz.

Electric power waste that occurs during power conversion is equivalent to the daily output of 318 coal plants, and it costs the US economy $40 billion per year.



Congrads, hope it's highly affordable.


E-motors control systems are advancing much faster than batteries and are almost approaching potential perfection.

To compare their gain with LED vs Incandescent lights (15 L/W vs 234 L/W for new CREE LED = a 1550% gain) is really pushing it out of proportion.


This is really big folks. These technologies will allow your laptop to get rid of that big, hulking brick! It will allow them to shrink the size and weight of electric motors and inverters and the cooling systems will no longer be needed or at least will be greatly reduced in size and complexity.


After the battery, the inverter is the most expensive part in a BEV.. and an inverter is also used to run the electric motor in that BEV air conditioning compressor.


Hell, if they can just use this tech to make some ultra-efficient chips that can be embedded in the laptop so I can get rid of that stupid "brick" and just carry a light, skinny little cord....then I'd be ecstatic.
I buy a little ultra-light laptop...and then have a brick that weighs more that the laptop!
These types of chips will make it possible to eliminate that brick.

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