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Renault trims fuel consumption on Master LCV by up to 7.4%

Valence signs extended supply agreement for Li-ion batteries with PVI

Valence Technology has signed an extended supply agreement with France-based electric industrial vehicle maker PVI. Since launching the program four years ago, more than 120 electric commercial vehicles, including electric trucks and buses built by PVI and powered by Valence lithium phosphate battery systems, are in operation today in several European countries.

In addition to the battery systems, Valence has provided a broad range of engineering support to PVI.

PVI manufactures electric powertrains assembled in various vehicles such as the OREOS all-electric 22 and 42 places buses, a 26-ton all-electric municipal refuse collection truck, as well as an all-electric version of a 3.5-ton LCV marketed by Renault Trucks. The OREOS minibuses and midi-buses are deployed throughout France, including such high profile locations such as Paris with RATP, the Parisian Transport Authority.

The LCV offering also serves as a municipal service vehicle as well as an urban beverage or logistics delivery vehicle. The LCV range is currently sold and serviced through PVI’s Customer and Partner network, Renault Trucks. Each vehicle is powered by Valence’s U-Charge battery packs.

The OREOS electric buses, with a top speed above 43 mph (69 km/h) offer an average range of up to 93 miles without intermediary recharging.



An all-electric garbage truck... How many city morning have I been awakened by ear-shattering RACKET from the diesel - hydraulic beasts of old??? Too Many. Bravo!


Outstanding. It's doubtful a typical garbage route exceeds 40 miles.

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