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Aura received approximately $420,000 order for all-electric transport refrigeration

Aura Systems, Inc. received approximately $420,000 of orders for its all-electric transport refrigeration systems for midsize trucks from one customer. (Earlier post.) The systems are scheduled to be delivered and installed for the customer over the next two months.

The customer selected Aura’s all-electric transport refrigeration after numerous tests and evaluation including comparison on actual routes with traditional diesel based solutions.

Aura’s all-electric transport refrigeration for midsize trucks consists of Aura’s patented AuraGen mobile power solution and private label transport refrigeration system from Zanotti of Italy. The solution eliminates the traditional diesel engine used for refrigeration and replaces it with all electric components, thus eliminating any and all emissions associated with small diesel engines, significantly reducing fuel consumption and providing very large reduction in noise associated with diesel refrigeration engines.

When the vehicle is parked for deliveries, the engine is shut down and the refrigeration system continues to work by using Aura’s patented bi-directional power supply to provide power from batteries. These batteries are recharged whenever the vehicle’s engine is on. With this solution, the truck does not need to idle thus complying with the environmental standards encompassed in the anti-idling laws.



Neither the press release nor the previous article mention how long the batteries are expected to operate the refrigeration system.  Plug-in operation for overnight durations would slash the battery size and weight.

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