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BYD wins European electric bus orders for Netherlands Schiermonnikoog

The city of Schiermonnikoog in the province of Friesland, Netherlands is acquiring six new, long-range, all-electric BYD buses to launch in early 2013. In a European legal tender and open bid supported by four major bus manufacturers, BYD came out on top.

BYD scored the highest in meeting program goals and won not only an order for the six electric buses, but also a 15-year maintenance contract.

The BYD buses are 12 meters long (40 feet) and can accommodate 60-70 passengers. The electric buses are powered with a 324 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack (540V, 600 Ah); charging the pack takes 3 hours with a three-phase, 480V 100 kW charger. Urban range is approximately 250 km (155 miles).




With 250 Km between charges, one full over night charge a day would do most of the time. A quick mid-day partial charge could expand range to 400 Km/day for longer routes.

A hand to BYD for making this first generation extended range city bus.
May many more follow soon.


I wonder would the be better off working on short range buses that are doing lots if stop/start work.

a: You getter better EV vs ICE performance on stop/start runs and
b: You need fewer batteries.

Thus, you might be able to make twice as many buses with the same amount of batteries.

Anyway, it is a good sign.

+ I hope no-one crashes into the buses at 200 Kph.


Yes, those $750,000+ buses have about $121,500 batteries on board. The new lighter aluminium body version will weight about 5 tonnes (about 15%) less and batteries size could be reduced. Secondly, in the near future, lower cost, much high energy density batteries will warrant smaller battery pack and/or longer e-range.

The future looks very bright for electric city buses. They will help to reduce air pollution where it is often very bad.


Someone should alert the Dutch fire department.

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