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Mercedes-Benz and Glympse, the mobile technology company that pioneered temporary real-time location sharing, are teaming up to provide real-time location sharing to their drivers by integrating Glympse into the new Mercedes-Benz Digital DriveStyle application, set to launch in the new A-Class in September.

Glympse allows GPS-enabled mobile phone users to share their location for a pre-set period of time with anyone they choose.

Drivers will now be able to use the Mercedes Digital DriveStyle application to select a recipient, set a timer, and “send a Glympse” to anyone they choose. The recipient of the Glympse will receive a text or email link, which will show the driver’s real-time location on an interactive map. Consistent with Glympse’s unique approach to location sharing, when the timer expires, the location sharing will automatically stop. Because Glympse is a universal sharing solution, the recipient doesn’t require any special software or device, just a web browser.

We’ve already seen how enormously popular Glympse is on mobile phones, having just crossed 3 million downloads. Now that ease of use and functionality has made its way seamlessly into your Mercedes-Benz dash experience.

—Timo Bauer, VP of Business Development at Glympse

Mercedes-Benz integrated Glympse into its Digital DriveStyle application using the Glympse partner SDK. The partnership was announced at the Telematics Detroit conference.



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