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Royal Imtech to install charge point network for Toyota dealers and Prius PHV owners in the Netherlands

Royal Imtech N.V. will install a network of intelligent charging points at the home addresses of owners of the new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and at all Toyota dealers in the Netherlands.

The company expects to install between 1,300 and 2,500 charging points at the homes of owners in 2012, and 117 double charging points at Toyota dealers. The network is part of Toyota’s charging service, which is included in the sale price of the hybrid car, and is the first large-scale network for electric vehicles in the Netherlands.

Various initiatives are set to take off soon in the European market for intelligent networks. One of these is the installation of manufacturer-specific networks for drivers and for dealers. In this way car manufacturers can substantially increase their service to drivers, and a major hurdle to buying electric or hybrid cars will be removed. Imtech has special roll-out teams that are able to implement this kind of large-scale networks quickly, in a client-friendly manner and to high quality standards. This job will be a first-class example to other car manufacturers.

—René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech

The roll-out has been commissioned by The New Motion, developer and supplier of charging products for electric cars, and partner of Toyota importer Louwman & Parqui in the roll-out of charging infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Imtech’s technical specialists will be placing the charging points on drivers’ property or, after obtaining permission from the municipality concerned and/or the owner, on public property. The charger registers when and for how long the car battery is being charged, which makes it very easy for the driver to keep track of these details, so they can, for example, submit them to an employer or the tax authorities.


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