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19.7% of new cars sold in May 2012 in Japan were hybrids; Prius and Aqua dominate

Integrity Exports. 19.7% of new cars sold in Japan in May 2012 were hybrid cars, up 11 percentage points from last year. The liftback Prius led the field with 20,789 units sold, closely followed by Aqua (Prius C overseas) with 20,091 units sold.

Looking at the different manufacturers, hybrid sales make up 25% of Honda sales in Japan, and a whopping 46% of Toyota sales. Honda’s percentage has actually dropped a little thanks to the success of its kei car minivan, the NBOX.

And talking of kei cars, these now make up four-tenths of new car sales in Japan, with 6 of May’s top-ten best-selling models being keis.



Wow..20% hybrids and 11% over last year and 46% of Toyota's sales in a major car market place in 2012! That is a huge quick step forward.

Imagine what the impact on Oil consumption would be when the rest of the world catches up with Japan. It will be very interesting to see which country will be next to do the switch.

Camry's Hybrid 2012/2013 average price have dropped by $4K in our area and sell for the same price as the Prius III with equivalent options. Camry's hybrids sell for less than $2K more than the non-hybrid equivalent versions and about the same price as non-hybrids equivalent from other manufacturers. Will this low price for the excellent Camry hybrid last? If so, it is one of the best current buy.


Didn't Toyota just raise the prices of 2012 Camry?


According to TTAC:

Registered vehicles (non kei car) sales in May 2012
Toyota 113,891 (incl. Lexus)
Honda 31,576

Total vehicles sales (incl. kei car)
Toyota 117,387 (incl. kei car)
Honda 57,923

Hybrid car sales estimated:
Toyota 54k
Honda 14.5k

Percentage of hybrid sales in registered vehicles:
Toyota 46%
Honda 46%

Note: There are no hybrids in kei car, AFAIK.


Why would you need to hybridize a 660 cc engine?


Pierre...apparently not?

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