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Luxoft, a global provider of advanced application and product development services, announced at the Telematics Detroit 2012 Conference & Exhibition a technology preview of its open source iviLink connectivity platform. This preview allows developers to dive into iviLink’s symmetric architecture, understand its working model along with the wide range of usage models it supports. iviLink, a free-to-download software, enables connectivity between mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, and vehicle infotainment systems, including head units, radio modules, rear seat entertainment and more.

The iviLink Technology Preview is aimed at automotive manufacturers, suppliers and mobile apps developers that are considering the implementation of secure OEM-controlled two-way apps integration and multi-media content sharing, including cloud-based content.

iviLink can help enhance the automotive connectivity experience in a number of ways, including the use of iviLink-enabled apps from Android or Apple mobile devices with the in-car HMI (human machine interface), which adds in-car remote control functionality and head unit replacement capability by mobile devices.

We designed iviLink to provide a cost-effective way for automotive OEMs, including commercial car makers, to implement tethered or integrated connectivity within the car, while allowing the consumers to continue using the familiar apps on their smartphones.

—Vasiliy Suvorov, VP Technology Strategy, Luxoft

The GENIVI-ready iviLink is designed to be compatible with multiple operating systems (Android, iOS, and Linux) and can operate over numerous serial links (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and more). The iviLink Technology Preview v.0.9 supports Linux on the head units and Android on the mobile devices. iOS support will be added in Q3 2012. Starting with the version 1.5, iviLink will support HTML5-based remote HMI.

The iviLink Technology Preview v.0.9 includes source code, quick-start documentation and sample applications. All files can be downloaded at no cost at


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