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Mazda Motorsports announces Skyactiv-D diesel racing engine program for new GRAND-AM GX series

SKYACTIV-D racing engine. Click to enlarge.

Mazda Motorsports will supply racing versions of the new SKYACTIV-D diesel engines (earlier post) to customer teams competing in GRAND-AM’s newly announced GX Class for advanced/clean technologies, beginning with the 2013 season.

The engines—stock-block Mazda SKYACTIV-D 2.2-liter diesel four-cylinder, dual-stage turbocharged powerplants—are being developed jointly by Mazda Motor Corporation, Mazda North American Operations and SpeedSource Engineering. Dyno testing has already begun and on-track testing begins in late 2012. Engine pricing and terms will be announced at a later date.

The actual Mazda model in which the SKYACTIV-D racing engine will be installed will be announced after the conclusion of the 2012 GRAND-AM racing season.

The GRAND-AM GX class join the series’ headlining Daytona Prototype (DP) and the production-based Grand Touring (GT) classes. The models—and some manufacturers—will be unique to GX.

The production-based GX competition will feature cars and technologies not currently involved in the Rolex Sports Car Series. Rules are being developed to allow for the exploration of a wide variety of alternative technologies and alternative fuels. This could include turbocharged engines; fuels other than gasoline, such as clean diesels; and hybrid powertrains.

The class will be developed with performance levels that complement the current DP and GT classes. No changes to GT performance levels are expected.

This opens a new chapter in racing for us. We’ve won with rotary technology, and now we’re looking to again put our customers in the winner’s circle with what we believe will be the most advanced and cleanest production-based powerplant the sport has ever seen.

—Jay Amestoy, Vice President MNAO

Mazda remains the only Asian auto maker committed to bringing modern diesel technology to the United States. The production Mazda SKYACTIV-D features include:

  • 14:1 low compression ratio
  • New two-stage turbocharger
  • A 5,200 rpm redline

Compared to Mazda’s current-production 2.2L MZR-CD diesel engine, the SKYACTIV-D delivers up to a 20% reduction in fuel consumption; 20% reduction in internal engine friction; and 10% reduction in weight.

Mazda Motorsports is the only Asian car company with an overall win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Since 2007, Mazda has been competing in the GRAND-AM GT class with the rotary-powered RX-8. Mazda racers have secured manufacturers, team and drivers championships, along with 2008 and 2010 GT-class wins by the SpeedSource RX-8 in the Rolex 24 at Daytona. The RX-8 is no longer in production for the US market.



This may be a solution for muscle car fans and youngsters.


Its all good, but start selling the cars in the US already.. I'm interested but I'm not paying a $5k diesel premium for the privilege... $2k at most.


These races are farted, out-dated, polluting, and plain stupid and jck-up the price of fuel and pollute the air like mad. It's not normal that these supposedly high technology aficionados still use the gasoline ice or diesel ice. What they do in reality is selling gasoline or diesel technology to consumers. pure sport racing have nothing to do with it and the message is to buy gasoline/diesel apparetus because they go fast with noise and pollution at high fuel cost. Stop any expenditure toward these dinosorus, old farted communism system retrograde pr makers. Wait for real racing done with non-polluting hydrogen fuelcell race cars. If they don't do then just postpone indifinattelly nascar, formula one, lemans, izod indy, star mazda, nationwide and sprint and truck nascar serie, dragsters, gasoline race motorcycles, battery one lap race motorcycles, etc. Require then these racers
use the latest green technology that are better and cheaper then the ice and non-polluting with few fuel cost. Thenafter you can buy in regular dealerships a latest technology way better hydrogen car that last easilly 30 years because of few moving parts and no damaging combustion. A hydrogen fuelcell car or truck or motorcycle or boat or suv or airplane or ship or tractor-trailer truck last 30 years with few maintenance.

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