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Oklahoma approves rebate program for vehicle CNG conversions, purchases and home fueling stations

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) approved a rebate program that enables Oklahomans to receive rebates for the purchase of a vehicle powered by compressed natural gas (CNG); conversion of a vehicle to CNG; and for the purchase of a residential CNG fueling system. While the rebate program will be offered through Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG), all Oklahomans are eligible for the rebates.

The OCC is a regulatory agency for the State of Oklahoma with emphasis on the fuel, oil and gas, public utilities, and transportation industries.

The program will offer rebates of $2,500 for dedicated natural gas vehicles; $1,500 for “dual fuel” natural gas vehicles; and $2,500 for residential systems that will allow for the refueling of a CNG vehicle at home. The program is limited to three rebates per customer per calendar year.

The program will be funded through a 25 cent per gallon-equivalent surcharge at the 25 ONG-owned CNG fueling facilities that are open to the public. Because ONG cannot sell CNG at a profit, with the surcharge the cost of CNG at ONG’s pumps will still be lower than at commercial CNG stations.


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