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Propel Fuels and Eco-Energy sign E85 supply agreement

Propel Fuels, a retailer of renewable fuels and clean mobility solutions, entered an exclusive supply agreement with Eco-Energy, a distributor of renewable fuels, to fulfill Propel’s Flex Fuel E85 demand over the next three years.

This agreement further enables high blend renewable fuels to compete with petroleum fuels, Propel suggested. Integrating the producer-to-pump supply chain reduces the cost and complexity of procuring, storing, and delivering renewable fuels, better positioning Propel during its accelerated rollout of hundreds of renewable fueling locations.

Founded more than 20 years ago, Eco-Energy is now the third-largest renewable energy marketer in the country. With a network of biofuel producers across the country, Eco-Energy can help meet Propel’s growing demand for domestically-produced E85 ethanol in California and other future markets.

Propel operates a network of Clean Fuel Points (CFP), green-built, self-serve filling stations co-located at existing gas stations, and Clean Mobility Centers (CMC), which introduce renewable fuels (Flex Fuel E85, biodiesel blends) alongside the conventional fuels (gasoline, diesel) that drivers use today.

Propel’s CMCs also enable drivers to offset carbon from their fuel purchases at the pump, improve their vehicle’s fuel economy through free air for their tires, find rideshare opportunities, tune bicycles, and recycle on the go.


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