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Remy signs long-term motor supply agreement with VIA Motors

Remy, Inc.’s Electric Motor Division and VIA Motors have announced a joint agreement to supply powertrains for the VIA Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (eREV).

VIA offers a full lineup of extended-range electric trucks, vans and SUVs called VTRUX, each equipped with the company’s eREV powertrain. The eREV powertrain enables the VTRUX to drive up to 40 miles in a full electric near zero emission mode achieving an equivalent 100 MPG.

VIA plans to ramp up production significantly over the next three years to satisfy demand for clean, fuel-efficient full-size trucks and SUVs. We are looking forward to Remy providing a 300 kW Traction Motor and a 150 kW Generator which, when matched with our own inverter, provides a ground breaking powertrain for our vehicle.

—Kraig Higginson, CEO of VIA Motors

Remy’s patented HVH electric motor platform (earlier post) has powered more than 100,000 vehicles with over 2 billion kilometers of proven reliability. The HVH 250 is in SUV’s, trucks and commercial vehicles all over the world.



That is a nice move but IMO they schould concentrate their efforts of electrification on that sector of mobility that uses the greater portion of fossil fuels.


Volume of fossil fuel saved per vehicle (electrified) is also interesting.

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