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NRC report concludes hydraulic fracturing poses low risk for causing earthquakes, but risks are higher for wastewater injection wells; CCS impact undetermined

TransFoil Systems receives EPA SmartWay verification for TransFoil Aerodynamic Trailer Side Skirts; 10% fuel savings

TransFoil Systems Aerodynamic Trailer Skirts reports receiving independent verification of the fuel savings provided by its skirts for over-the-road trailers by the US EPA’s SmartWay Verification program.

Trailer with skirts mounted. Source: Transfoil. Click to enlarge.

The trailer skirts reduce aerodynamic drag and improve fuel economy. The skirts are being required by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) on most 53 foot dry vans entering the state starting in 2013.

TransFoil Systems Aerodynamic Trailer Skirts underwent extensive testing under controlled conditions with the testing supervised by an independent third-party engineering firm. According to company, the aerodynamic skirts returned a fuel savings in excess of 10%.

TransFoil Aerodynamic Trailer Skirts are constructed of an aluminum composite and are mounted using spring-in (60 degrees) and hinge-out (90 degrees) easy swap mounts.

Obtaining the SmartWay Verification enables the company’s customers to qualify under the California Air Resources Board requirements.



Good stuff - I wonder how much they cost, and how much trouble they are when you need to get in under them.


I think these would have paid for themselves, if we did not have all this overhead:

- The California Air Resources Board (ARB)

- The extensive testing

- The independent engineering third-party supervision

but it's just money.

Dave R

These skirts do pay for themselves - typically in a year or so of use.

I'm glad that CARB is requiring trucks to start using them. It amazes me that even with something with a 1-year payback, the majority of the trucks I see on the road still don't have them.

The numbers have been increasing lately, though.

Dave R

At the TransFoil website, they estimate less than 50k miles to break even on the skirts. Average long-haul trucker puts over 100k miles/year on their truck. Even short/medium haul trucks will get to 50k miles/year...

Do the math!


TransFoil (the seller) does the math their way and says "Our skirts will save you money, please buy them".

Truckers (the buyers) do the math their way and say "We decide if they save us money, thank you, no".

CARB says; "California politicians have decided; you WILL buy".


Yes, without CARB and other regulators, long haul trucks would consume 200+% more and pollute 200% to 300% more. Of course, tariffs would be raised proportionally to keep the same or higher profit margin.

In the end, the same 97% would be paying for ground transportation low efficiency and continue to inhale polluted air from dirty diesel engines.

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