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Ajinomoto and Bridgestone jointly developing synthetic rubber from biomass

New UQM PowerPhase HD 220 electric drive systems to power Boulder EV delivery vans for FedEx Express

UQM Technologies, Inc. has begun supplying the recently introduced PowerPhase HD 220 electric drive systems (earlier post) to Boulder EV to build delivery vans for FedEx Express.

Boulder EV will use the PowerPhase HD 220 systems in its composite delivery van designed specifically as an all-electric vehicle. Delivering a maximum output of 220 kW, and 120 kW on a continuous basis, the PowerPhase HD 220 offers commercial trucks and buses an efficient path to the adoption of electric propulsion technology in heavy-duty vehicles.

Boulder EV is a green tech manufacturing company that makes purpose-built, all-electric delivery trucks and Work Utility Vehicles (WUV) or cargo vans. These are designed from the ground up to meet the lightweight aerodynamic and safety needs of all-electric vehicles.



Both are worthwhile future local industries and should be protected and supported. Their products are required to reduce GHG, fossil fuel consumption and costly crude oil import.

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