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Siemens and Vietnam Motors Industry Corporation launch hybrid-drive bus partnership

Siemens Ltd. Vietnam and Vietnam Motors Industry Corporation (Vinamotor) entered a cooperation agreement to apply Siemens Elfa hybrid drive technology for city buses in Vietnam. A prototype of the Elfa will be built in 2012.

Siemens will supply all necessary components and provide technical support, while Vinamotor will prepare the platform and manufacture remaining parts of the bus for operational readiness. With the Siemens hybrid drive technology, city buses can reduce fuel consumption and save operating cost by up to 50%.

The diesel-electric hybrid drive Elfa systems combine mobile energy generators, such as diesel generator sets and high performance energy storage devices. Depending on the storage capacity of the system, the bus can also be driven purely electrically.



Siemens high quality reliable e-drive + Vietnam's low cost manufacturing capabilities will produce interesting hybrid electric buses for the local and export markets. A plus for electrified buses.

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