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A123 Systems to supply 2MW Li-ion energy storage system to Ray Power for frequency regulation in China

A123 Systems will supply a 2MW grid Li-ion energy storage system to Ray Power Systems Co. Ltd., a Chinese company focused on developing the frequency regulation market and relevant technologies.

The project in China will be designed to validate the technical capabilities and benefits of energy storage as a fast-ramping, accurate and clean resource for providing frequency regulation services. Limited overall system ramping capability has created renewable integration issues as well as potential risk of grid instability because of the high penetration of renewable generation, particularly in northern China. A123 Systems has demonstrated the viability and reliability of its product through a number of successful global commercial deployments, and we expect this project to showcase energy storage as a valuable resource for meeting China's growing frequency regulation demand.

—Eldon Mou, CEO of Ray Power

We believe that China represents a large market opportunity for our energy storage technology, including as a solution to address the ramp-management challenges associated with the increased deployment of wind and other renewable energy generation assets.

—Robert Johnson, vice president of the Energy Solutions Group at A123



In the past the way sales to China work out is that a company will get one nice order, then their technology will be reverse engineered, and all other sales in China will go to a friend of the first buyer. Then in a couple years another company from China will offer the technology globally.

That scenario may or may not play out for this case, but don't be surprised if it does.


A123 can't turn away sales right now..


WVhybrid...that's how USA flew to the moon, isn't it?

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