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China BAK to supply 540K cylindrical Li-ion cells to AC Propulsion

China BAK Battery, Inc. has entered into a new contract to supply 540,000 units of cylindrical battery cells to AC Propulsion, a producer of electric vehicle technology based in Shanghai and California.

China BAK will deliver the battery cells to AC Propulsion by the end of 2012, which will be used to power 100 electric cars. AC Propulsion previously purchased a sample order of the cylindrical battery cells for trial and testing purposes and provided positive feedback on product quality and performance of the battery cells.

We are encouraged by the positive feedback from AC Propulsion and are pleased to expand our cooperation with them. We expect to receive additional orders for our cylindrical battery cells used to power electric cars.

—Xiangqian Li, CEO of China BAK

AC Propulsion assembles its Li-ion battery modules using proprietary assembly techniques and battery management technology. Each module sends voltage and temperature information to the management system, which controls for optimal battery operation under driving and charging conditions. Battery data are logged to provide information for analysis and evaluation.


Edward Son

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