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Mitsubishi Chemical grants BASF usage license for Vinylene Carbonate in electrolytes for Li-ion batteries

BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation have signed a royalty-bearing licensing agreement granting BASF usage rights for Vinylene Carbonate based on Mitsubishi Chemical’s proprietary patents. Vinylene Carbonate is an important electrolyte performance additive that ensures the efficient long-term stability of Li-ion battery cells.

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Additionally, the agreement provides BASF with the right to grant sub-licenses to cell manufacturers that use electrolyte formulations made by BASF or Mitsubishi Chemical.

The agreement constitutes the successful transfer of a licensing agreement previously established between Mitsubishi Chemical and the electrolytes business ofMerck. BASF recently acquired Merck’s electrolytes activities, which are now part of BASF’s global Battery Materials business. (Earlier post.)


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