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Volvo delivers 15 C30 Electric cars to Shanghai

Volvo Car Corporation delivered 15 Volvo C30 Electric cars (earlier post) to the Shanghai International Automotive City Group (SIAC) for its open road test-drive project EV100 Days. Separately, the C30 Electric was also awarded “Green Car of the Year” in China at the 4th China New Energy Mobility Summit.

Through this project, Volvo Car Corporation will collect more data about the C30 Electric’s performance on roads in China as well as the driving habits of Chinese consumers. The study will also provide a reference for mass promotion of electric vehicles in China and the development of next-generation electric vehicles.

“We are focusing on future development. China is crucial, so we’re open and committed to develop green solutions with local partners here and around the world.”
—Peter Mertens, SVP R&D, Volvo Car Corporation

During the project, Volvo Car Corporation will support local government's efforts in industrialization of new energy vehicles, providing technical supports, building infrastructures, promoting EV and used EV sales, car insurance, annual checkups, as well we road traffic management. Volvo Car Corporation will share with local government its experience in business operations and management of the new energy vehicle industry accumulated overseas.

Volvo Car signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SIAC last November on new energy vehicle demonstration and data collection; the delivery of the 15 EVs occurred during the first anniversary of SIAC’s EV campaign. In EV100, qualified volunteer drivers can own and drive a Volvo C30 Electric for about 3 months.

The first group of pilot users include Charlotta Holm Vestberg, Consular of the Swedish Consulate in Shanghai, and Gao Yuan and Ji Xueping, local TV anchors with Dragon TV.



This C30 tests never ends. I have impresion that Volvo C30 project have been started long before Chevy Volt first development news were published.

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