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Electrovaya introduced the PowerPad 600, a 600 Wh Li-ion SuperPolymer battery unit targeted at replacing existing lead acid and low energy density Lithium-Ion batteries used in hospitals, construction sites, warehouses, telecommunications, retail, standby power and wherever mobile power is required. The PowerPad 600 extends the PowerPad family of products and is in addition to the existing PowerPad 130.

Electrovaya says that its proprietary SuperPolymer battery technology offers up to 50% higher energy density than phosphate with comparable safety performance. Electrovaya manufactures prismatic cells that have a laminated polymer pouch construction with a flat geometry. A wide spectrum of sizes, including large-format cells, can be manufactured.

We intend to give the healthcare market more energy capacity than ever before, in a smaller space, such that mission critical healthcare applications never suffer from a lack of power.

—Ashis Basu, Marketing Manager Electrovaya

Electrovaya Inc. designs, develops and manufactures proprietary Li-ion batteries, battery systems, and battery-related products for the clean electric transportation, utility scale energy storage and smart grid power, consumer and healthcare markets.



With 50% more energy density, will these new batteries have 150 Wh/Kg instead of 100 Wh/Kg?

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