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Holden teams up with Better Place in Australia to offer renewable energy and faster charging for Volt

GM Holden in Australia has selected Better Place as its preferred partner for renewable energy and faster charging solutions for the extended range Holden Volt electric car.

Better Place will develop a number of membership packages for Volt customers including the installation of a ‘Charge Spot’ unit at home or work, and zero emissions charging provided through the purchase of renewable energy or 100% Government-certified renewable energy certificates.

As part of the partnership, Better Place will also install a Volt Charge Spot for participating Holden Volt dealers to enable them to charge their demonstration vehicles when they arrive in the final quarter of this year.



What the heck do they want with battery swapping in a vehicle with a range extender?

John McAvoy

read the article before you start typing. There is no mention of swapping.

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