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Teijin CNF Korea Co., Ltd., an Asan-based joint venture between Teijin and major Korean film processor CNF, has begun commercial production of LIELSORT, a Teijin-developed separator for lithium ion secondary batteries (LIBs).

Of the two types of LIELSORT-branded separators, Teijin CNF Korea will initially produce one type coated with a fluorine-based compound that achieves superior adhesion to the polymer electrolyte and is highly resistant to oxidation, resulting in LIBs that offer higher output while maintaining stable high voltage. The company also plans to soon begin producing the second type, a highly heat-resistant separator coated with Teijinconex meta-aramid.

As part of market expansion strategies for LIELSORT, Teijin has established a wholly owned subsidiary in Seoul called Teijin Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. to sell both separators. This production and sales network, which has close connections to world-leading South Korean LIB producers, will also provide Teijin with a secure foothold for penetrating the Chinese market.

For LIELSORT, Teijin has used its expertise in polymeric chemistry to develop the first technology for simultaneously coating both sides of the separator. It also developed a high-speed coating technology that is five times faster than conventional coating. Both technologies enable more efficient production.


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