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Eaton Corporation has received one of Nissan Motor Co.’s “Global Innovation Award” for the Eaton TVS (Twin Vortices Series) supercharger used in the downsized DIG-S engine in the Micra. (Earlier post.)

Eaton’s TVS superchargers feature patented high-speed rotors driven directly from the engine’s crankshaft. The advanced rotor design pumps additional air directly into the engine’s intake system that, when mixed with fuel, boosts power. The TVS supercharger design delivers high power and low-end torque while providing vehicle manufacturers with the option of using a smaller, more efficient engine with no loss in performance or drivability.

Eaton’s TVS supercharger is an advanced Roots-type positive displacement supercharger with twin four-lobe rotors that are twisted 160-degrees. The fourth lobe and added twist, when combined with redesigned air inlet and outlet ports, create a smooth, highly efficient flow of air into the engine that improves noise and vibration characteristics.


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