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Aura receives $370K order for electric retrofitting system for refrigeration trailers

Aura Systems, Inc. announced the first order from a Midwest meat packaging company for its electric solution for large refrigeration trailers. (Earlier post.)

The order calls for Aura to retrofit 20 existing Thermo King based trailer mechanical solutions with an electric solution and provide 15 tractors with 18 kW AuraGen generators. Trucks that utilize the Aura solution will no longer need to use the diesel engine connected to the refrigeration system when the truck is in motion, typically 10 hours per day.

It is estimated that the AuraGen solution will reduce the fuel consumption during transit from more than one gallon per hour to 0.2 gallons per hour, a saving of approximately 0.8 gallons of fuel per hour. In addition, while in transit, the electric solution eliminates any emissions that are present from the refrigeration Diesel engine. There are presently more than 250,000 tractor/trailers on the road in the US that could benefit from an electric option.

When shorepower is available the Aura solution will allow its use; the trailer will use electricity rather than the diesel. When in transit, the AuraGen will power the refrigeration system as if it was plugged in to shorepower so that the diesel will not be used. When the trailer is disconnected from the tractor, or during rest periods, when shorepower is not available, the diesel engine with its AuraGen system will provide the required electric power.

this modified system, while still running diesel fuel, is more efficient than the standard mechanical system. The AuraGen system provides 480VAC 3 phase for the refrigeration unit operation.



This is one of the 1001 ways to reduce liquid fuel consumption and GHG. A NG powered genset could do even better. Eventually, an FC or improved (400+%) batteries will replace the mechanical genset.


A trailer roof equipped with 400 sq.ft of high efficiency solar panel (and ultra high efficiency heat pumps) could supply an interesting portion of the electricity required to keep the cab and trailer at the desired temperatures while driving or parked during sun light hours.

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