Photothermally reduced graphene papers as high-rate capable Li-ion anode material
Annual global oil & gas capital expenditure to pass $1-trillion mark in 2012

China BAK to supply samples of lithium-ion batteries to FAW-Volkswagen

China BAK Battery, Inc. received a sample order to supply its lithium-ion batteries to FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd., a major passenger sedan joint-venture of FAW Group Corporation and Volkswagen AG .

China BAK plans to deliver three lithium-ion battery units to FAW-Volkswagen by the end of September 2012. FAW-Volkswagen will utilize the BAK lithium-ion battery units to power its electric cars and to test the performance and reliability of the battery units.

FAW-Volkswagen is a leading passenger car manufacturer in China and we look forward to delivering our lithium-ion battery units to power its new electric car. Our cooperation with FAW-Volkswagen demonstrates our technological strength and market recognition. Upon successful testing, we expect to expand the scope of our cooperation and hope to receive additional orders.

—Xiangqian Li, CEO of China BAK



With more and more manufacturers on board, electrified vehicles will soon become an accepted reality.

Edward Son

The opening of the second vehicle plant in China will expand the range of locally-produced models to include the BMW X1. Production of the long-wheelbase version of the BMW 3 Series will also begin in Tiexi over the coming weeks. China outsourcing

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