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Ballard receives purchase orders for 102 fuel cell systems for telecom backup

Ballard Power Systems has received purchase orders for 102 fuel cell power generation systems to be delivered to its new Southeast Asian distributor, Cascadiant Inc. The systems will be deployed in the networks of two wireless telecom customers in Indonesia, to provide reliable and cost-effective backup power in the event of grid outages.

Ballard recently closed a transaction to acquire select assets from IdaTech, a Ballard customer for the past several years. (Earlier post.) Assets included product lines, distributor agreements (including Cascadiant) and customer contracts. Ballard had been supplying FCgen-1020ACS fuel cell stacks for use in IdaTech systems, as that company developed markets, built key customer relationships and demonstrated the commercial robustness of its direct hydrogen and methanol fueled products.

The transaction, in combination with Ballard’s Dantherm Power hydrogen systems, has enabled establishment of a comprehensive portfolio of fuel cell power generation products for backup and continuous power.

The purchase orders for 102 systems include direct hydrogen ELECTRAgen-H2 systems, to be deployed in the network of an Indonesian service provider in order to meet short duration runtime backup power requirements. In addition, the purchase orders include methanol-fueled ELECTRAgen-ME systems to be deployed in the network of a different Indonesian service provider in order to meet ‘extended duration runtime backup power’ needs.



How are extended duration run time backup power needs met with the hydrogen FCs?

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