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BMW and Green Mountain Energy Company partner to support renewable energy for DriveNow program

BMW and Green Mountain Energy Company are partnering to reduce the environmental impact of the entire BMW ActiveE fleet in the DriveNow program. (Earlier post.) BMW purchased renewable energy certificates (RECs) to cover the estimated electricity used to charge the 70 BMW ActiveE electric vehicles (EVs) in the new car sharing program, which is available in San Francisco.

DriveNow is a car sharing program that gives drivers access to efficient, premium vehicles. By purchasing RECs, BMW is ensuring that the electricity being put onto the electric grid on behalf of these ActiveE vehicles comes from renewable wind energy rather than fossil fuels. All customers who drive a BMW ActiveE in the car sharing program can know that their vehicles are supporting a greener electric grid.

This news comes as a follow-up to the July 31 announcement made by the two companies outlining a program for the 700 BMW ActiveE drivers, known as “Electronauts,” to support renewable energy for their cars. (Earlier post.) Each EV comes with a two-year lease and BMW uses the feedback from these drivers to develop premium, sustainable vehicles for the future.


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