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Clean Air Power, the developer of Dual-Fuel combustion technology that enables heavy-duty diesel engines to operate on a combination of diesel and natural gas, will develop a Genesis EDGE solution for the US market. (Earlier post.)

The company’s Technical Advisory Board, chaired by Prof. Dr Karl Viktor Schaller, successfully completed the feasibility evaluation of a Genesis EDGE solution for the US, and the Board has approved the internal development program.

The Clean Air Power dual-fuel system runs primarily on natural gas, but uses a small injection of diesel fuel, around 10% of the total energy of the fuel, to ignite the main charge of gas and air. When natural gas replaces 90% of the diesel through the dual-fuel system, it can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25%, but retain fuel-efficiency and power equivalent to that of the original diesel engine, according to the company.

The Genesis EDGE product is Clean Air Power’s proprietary after-market dual-fuel system that can be retrofitted on customers’ existing vehicles and is already proving successful in Europe. The Directors believe that the combination of low relative cost and a large domestically produced natural gas supply in North America will prove to be strong economic drivers to fuel the future adoption of this technology in the US market.

The development program is scheduled to last for 18 months and it is anticipated that the first trial trucks should be in operation in late 2013 with production in the US expected by early 2014.

Clean Air Power’s primary goal is to develop an interfaced system with a US OEM but a Genesis EDGE program will allow the Company to control the development and timings of a US product launch to meet demand from both existing and potential customers in North America.


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