President Obama issues executive order promoting industrial energy efficiency; targeting 40GW of CHP capacity by 2020, up 50% form today
Statoil to begin transporting Bakken crude from North Dakota by rail to overcome limited pipeline capacity; more than 1,000 cars for unit trains

Tel Aviv bus operator introducing BYD full-size battery-electric buses

BYD will provide its electric buses to Dan Bus—the bus operator in Tel Aviv—via BYD’s local importer and distributor Clal Motors.

The aim of this trial is to replace approximately half of Dan Bus’s fleet, which now amounts to 1,300 buses and minibuses. Investment in the importation of electric buses to Israel is expected to amount to hundreds of NIS millions in the near future, subject to how well electric buses will suit to the local operating conditions.

The importation of electric buses in Israel is highly supported and encouraged by various governmental ministries, headed by Israeli transportation minister, Israel Kats, who guided the ministry of Transportation to remove restrictions that may delay the process of importation.

The 12-meter long BYD electric bus is able to run 250 km (155 miles) on a single charge in urban conditions. This allows a travelling range that is sufficient for one whole shift in the majority of Dan’s routes. The BYD electric bus features a lithium iron phosphate battery pack. The rear drive axle system integrates the wheel-hub drive and regenerative braking technologies. The AC charging system is BYD’s own newly developed technology for its electric vehicles. Since the AC charging system has a direct connection to the grid, it can not only charge the batteries but also transmit electricity into the grid from the batteries.

BYD electric buses are now in regular service and have been tested in several cities in China, Europe and North America, making BYD the largest battery-electric bus manufacturer in the world. The accumulated mileage achieved for BYD electric buses by the end of July 2012 has reached more than 8.23 million kilometers (or 5.1 million miles).



A hand to BYD for the design and mass production of these light weight electric city buses and their rugged batteries. The 250 Km range from the first generation is excellent and will meet most requirements. However, the next generation batteries will probably do 400+ Km and will be could enough for a double shift, i.e. from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Between electric buses and Better Place cars, Israel is heading towards petroleum independence.  Electric generation can be taken care of by its Mediterranean Sea gas fields.  This could be a bigger threat to the hostile Muslim states than a nuclear arsenal, because the whole world can follow suit and make OPEC and the entire Persian gulf irrelevant to the world economy.


They recognize the military/security logic. If the US did, both Republicans and Democrats would be clamoring for electric based energy independence. Instead, they vie to see who can spend the most on weapons systems. The new jet fighter is projected to cost over a $trillion. For that, we could make every bus in america EV or FC, and cover half the houses with PV.


"They recognize the military/security logic. If the US did, both Republicans and Democrats would be clamoring for electric based energy independence. Instead, they vie to see who can spend the most on weapons systems."

The US government is corruption bought. $100,000 "representatives" with $1,000,000 perks and "contributions" in the $1,000,000,000s.


What JM and Kelly are saying is that the best democracy in the world has been totally corrupted and is overdue for a major correction. Are Americans ready or are their eyes and ears still too wide shut? Do they need another costly Oil war or two or another deep recession or two? The 6th of November 2012 may or may not be a turning point. Will Americans move forward or backward in the next four years?

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