Mexico President Calderón announces first PEMEX deepwater Gulf of Mexico oil discovery; preliminary indication of 350M barrels oil equivalent
Study finds clear trend of increasing NOx with higher biodiesel blends with CARB diesel; NOx neutrality achieved by blending in renewable or GTL diesel

Li-ion maker EnerDel launches services and aftermarket group

Li-ion battery manufacturer EnerDel, Inc. has formed a new services and aftermarket group to provide its customers with an expanded offering of extended warranty and post-warranty services, technical support and maintenance programs. EnerDel’s existing, and future service offerings, will also be available to companies using competitive products.

As part of its service and aftermarket group, EnerDel will offer:

  • New extended warranty and maintenance programs;
  • Enhanced technical support services, including integration, on-site training, battery classes, and technical expertise; and
  • Recycling services, including precious materials recovery and product recycling, through strategic partnerships.

“We understand [our customers’] need to protect their investment and get long-term benefit from the products and services they have installed. Our goal is to help them realize the advantages of our solutions, or help them extend the benefits they receive from competitive systems. This effort underscores the high serviceability of our modular products, which has been described as a true differentiator from our competitors by independent third-party experts. We plan to expand this area of our business through organic growth and strategic partnerships.

—Tomasz Poznar, director, services and aftermarket group, EnerDel


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