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15 companies form Florida Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition

A group of 15 companies, including TECO/Peoples Gas, Florida Natural Gas, Champion Brands, and JJ Taylor Companies, has formed The Florida Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (FNGVC). FNGVC advocates incentives for natural gas vehicles in Florida similar to those in Texas and nearly a dozen other states.

FNGVC also released an Economic Impact Study showing NGV incentives could create more than 10,000 jobs, $300 million in new wages and $1 billion dollars in economic output over two decades for the state of Florida.

Currently, the study notes, Florida alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) are more heavily weighted towards E85 than the other states with an 81% share (27,143 vehicles out of a total AFV fleet of 33,693). CNG vehicles constitute 5.9% (1,992 vehicles) of AFVs in Florida.

Florida State Representative Lake Ray believes that NGVs will be considered in the 2013 legislative session in Tallahassee.

Coalition members include:

  • TECO/Peoples Gas
  • Florida Public Utilities
  • NoPetro
  • JJ Taylor Companies
  • Goldring Gulf Distributing
  • Beer Industry of Florida
  • Florida Natural Gas
  • Rush Trucks
  • Champion Brands
  • S.R. Perrott
  • Florida Distributing Company
  • All In One Fuels
  • Trillium CNG
  • Energy Services of Pensacola
  • Cone Distributing


Marcel Williams

There's no logical reason to use natural gas to power modified natural gas automobiles since natural gas can be easily converted into methanol which can be converted into high octane gasoline. Even a tiny country like New Zealand use to do this!

Marcel F. Williams


Maybe it costs more to convert natural gas to high octane gasoline.

Why did New Zealand used to do it but does no more?

Why mine gold when a particle accelerator can turn lead into gold, umm?



You are right, natural gas can be turned into DME and then into gasoline, eliminating one step. The natural gas to DME is about 70% efficient making the whole process about 60%.
That would mean two therms of natural gas at 25 cents per therm csan make one gallon of gasoline.

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