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Frito-Lay boosts electric fleet; 275 electric trucks by the end of 2012

Frito-Lay is growing its electric truck fleet in California.. Once all of the vehicles are deployed by the end of 2012, California will be home to 105 all-electric delivery trucks, the largest deployment in any state. By the end of this year, Frito-Lay will have more than 275 electric trucks deployed in the US, making Frito-Lay the largest commercial fleet of all-electric trucks in the country.

In May of this year, Frito-Lay reached a milestone of one million all-electric miles driven.

The new all-electric trucks will operate from distribution centers located throughout California: Alameda, City of Industry, La Mirada, Manteca, San Diego, San Jose and Torrance.

Nearly 20 percent of our medium-heavy duty delivery trucks in the state of California are slated to be transitioned to all-electric vehicles. We have seen the accelerated growth and acquisition of this innovative technology because of the support from California. It’s these private and public partnerships that create the momentum that alternative fuel vehicles need to become even more competitive.

—Leslie Starr Keating, senior vice president, supply chain for Frito-Lay North America

To support the introduction of all-electric vehicles to the state of California, Frito-Lay received a grant from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), specifically in the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The company also received funding from the California Energy Commission and the Hybrid Truck Bus Voucher Incentive Project from California Air Resources Board, administered by CalStart.

In the US, Frito-Lay hopes to reduce its total fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 50 pe%ent by 2020, compared to a 2007 baseline. Across PepsiCo, in addition to electric trucks, the company has introduced 267 hybrid electric trucks and 67 compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors; 176 hybrid electric vehicles and 14 CNG tractors are scheduled to operate in California.



This will not convince me to eat Frito-Lay's industrial products but it is a good example for similar industries to follow.

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